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Social media: it gets stale fast Be careful

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Why social media?

Why social media? We’ve been talking about social media as a good way to market if you're a small business. Facebook , in particular, canbe useful not just as a marketing tool, but as a platform that can serve as your website. If you don’t have a website,facebook offers a way to have a “faux” website. It can provide basic information about your goods and services, and itcan be easily updated. Unlike a website, it takes no web skills to change the content of your facebook page. So at thevery least, this is a pretty safe way to get into the shallower waters of social media.It is important to remember to update your facebook page. Leaving it to get stale doesn't send a good message. If youdon’t care enough to keep it up to date what does that say about how you run the rest of your business? Once you have set up a facebook page, you now have to think about social media as a marketing tool. It is a way tomarket your goods and services and it offers the opportunity to interact with p

Social media; A quick website solution

Social media; A quick website solution Pay any attention to social media? Think it's just a pastime to use up your monthly data allotment? Well, it can bejust that. But it can also be a good marketing tool, especially for a small business that has a limited budget formarketing. For many very small operations, sometimes even building a website is a step too far. Many smallbusinesses, especially individual sole proprietorships, may not have their own website. Social media platforms canbecome your de facto website, and make a pretty good stand-in for a small website. This can be especially true ifyour website is only informational. (you aren't actually using a website to sell products) Also for the provider ofservices, say legal, writing, etc, social media platforms may be just enough for you. So what do we mean by social media? Mostly, we’re referring to the usual suspects, Linked in, Facebook, Instagram,Twitter. Let’s look first at Linkedin. Linked in is the tamest of all the c